Colourful combinations

One thing I don’t get board of is seeing the combinations of prints that customers choose when they purchase using my Special Offers or ‘Any 3’ and ‘Any 4’ options. I wonder why they are special places to them, sometimes they tell message me to explain why, ‘we got married there’, ‘our first child was born here’.

These little personal interactions really motivate me, when you work by yourself you relay on these little boosts and connections with your customers.

As some of you will have seen I added Dublin to my cityscape selection recently and it’s great to see it slowly being included in people’s choices

These eight prints will be hanging in a little girls bedroom, all places that her parents have visited and hopefully she will one day also. So keep the messages coming, I’m always so happy that you would choose one of my prints as a reminder of a special place. And if you don’t see the place you’d like – let me know, I’m always up for some inspiration.


A whirlwind weekend in Singapore

This time last week I was cycling around warm and sunny Singapore with my bestest of friends. It was a whirlwind of a trip, I left Amsterdam late Thursday night to arrive Friday afternoon in Singapore and I returned the following Monday night, I had three full days to enjoy myself. It’s crazy to think it’s possible to have a long weekend the other side of the world. My friend (who I’ve known since we were both seven) has lived the last ten years in Vietnam and only recently moved to Singapore to have a very beautiful and happy baby (which was one of the main reasons I was making the trip).

I drank quite few G&Ts on the top of the Marina Bay Sands

I was nervous leaving my three children and flying such a long way by myself, I am not the most confident of flyers so this was a big deal to me. I now wish I had done it sooner. My husband had an army of women (his Mum and Sister) to help him out in my absence. As I took off from Amsterdam feeling rather a lot of conflicting emotions I realised that this was my first solo trip in nearly eleven years of having babies – so I figured I deserved it!

Gardens by the Bay

It was super relaxing to hang out around the city, I did do a few touristy things, but I mainly enjoyed just wondering the streets (without trying to keep track of kids). It’s such a mix of East and West and beyond clean! I really enjoyed visiting the National Museum of Singapore and the Gardens by the Bay.

China town.

I will obviously be adding a Singapore print to my shop at some point in the next few months, the colours were super inspiring.

Thirteen hours later I landed back to a snow covered Amsterdam, three excited children and one tired husband. I have so many goals for this year, it’s the year my youngest child will start school and will have more time to give to my business. This trip was such a special way to start what I intend to be positive and inspiring year.

What to gift?

Well it’s been FOREVER since I was here. That’s the problem with so many platforms to manage, before you know it your own, actual website is three years out of date (the renovation is now in full swing).

It’s that time of year again, I start fretting about gifts (being British living in Holland it means we have Sint and Christmas – it’s endless!). I began a tradition with the kids of trying to stick to 1. Something you want 2. Something you need 3. Something to read 4. Something to wear…. don’t worry, this is rarely adhered to 100%.

I love the fact that people gift my prints, may be they have family or friends that are keen travellers, their partner is from New York but they now live in Paris or maybe they want to inspire their kids to one day travel the world. Either way I think it’s pretty cool and a real honour.

Below is a little gift guide for items I think would go down pretty well (even though I do say it myself).

For your teenage daughter. Aztec Feathers.



For your teenage boy. New York Brooklyn Bridge.


For your travel, loving friends! Take advantage of my many Special Offers.


Just a few suggestions to get you thinking. Have a lovely weekend!

I was different…

I am returning to more of a routine with work after the summer holidays, Dutch schools started back this week, it’s quiet(ish) around the house and I am trying to remember how to speak Dutch, goodness knows what my conversations have been like at school this week.

In the Spring I was contacted by a stylist who wanted to use some of my textiles illustrations for a magazine shoot, notably Ariadne at Home. I knew this was for the august edition which felt like a life time away. During the summer it was actually my husband who remembered to check the magazine shelves whilst in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to see if there was a copy. Low and behold there was my I was different textiles canvas on the front cover! We were on our way to England with our three kids, my husband said ‘you should get this online now’ (we tend to get a bit excited about these things). So rather foolishly we started to try and take photos, tweet, instagram etc etc whilst on the escalator (the flat one!), however no one took any notice of ‘mind your step’ so we ALL went head over heels, buggy tipped over at the end of the escalator whilst looking like incompetent parents, permanently attached to our phones. Oups, yup just a little embarrassing, luckily no one was hurt.

Any way it’s lovely to see my work in print and made for nice start to our holiday in England.



Greetings cards

I am slowly getting my new greetings cards sets in to my Etsy shop. So far I have my traditional four cityscapes of London, New York, Paris and San Francisco, The Dutch set and my Teapots and Teacups. I’ve had a lot of fun sorting out these sets and I will eventually be offering most of the illustrations in my shop as greetings cards.

Traditional city set: London, New York, Paris and San Francisco, available here.


The Dutch Set, available here.


Teapots and Teacups, available here